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Norway Orders Palestinian Authority To Return Funds: No Aid For The Glorification Of Terrorist Attacks

Good for Norway.

Norway has ordered the Palestinian Authority to return funding provided to the entity for a youth center as part of a joint initiative together with the United Nations and the Women’s Technical Affairs Committee, an NGO in the Palestinian Authority.

Norway didn’t realize when it provided funding for the center that it would be named after Dalal Mughrabi, the terrorist who in 1978 led a group of operatives who hijacked a bus and slaughtered 37 Israelis, including 12 children, in the attack that became known as the Coastal Road Massacre.

The joint cooperation of the Norwegian government with the Palestinian Authority in supporting the Dalal Mughrabi Center is clear in a sign on the building, as shown in news coverage by the Bethlehem-based Ma’an news site, and detailed coverage by the Palestinian Media Watch

The purpose of the center is to “focus especially on the history of the struggle of Martyr Dalal Mughrabi and on presenting it to the youth groups,” according to Ma’an.

Brende said in a statement, “‘The glorification of terrorist attacks is completely unacceptable, and I deplore this decision in the strongest possible terms. Norway will not allow itself to be associated with institutions that take the names of terrorists in this way. We will not accept the use of Norwegian aid funding for such purposes.” JewishPress

Oslo Bomb Scare – Teen Asylum-Seeker Arrested

Subway bombing in St. Petersburg. Chemical attack in Syria. Truck plowing into people in Sweden. Israeli soldier killed in West Bank car attack.  Bomb found near a subway station in Norway. Two bomb attacks on Coptic Churches in Egypt. What a week. What do they all have in common?

A 17-year-old asylum-seeker from Russia was arrested Sunday in connection with an explosive device found near a busy subway station in Norway’s capital that police defused before it detonated, authorities said.

The youth was detained on suspicion of handling explosives, but investigators do not know if he planned to carry out an attack with the homemade device, Signe Aaling, chief prosecutor for Norway’s PST security service, said.

Aaling described the explosive as “a primitive improvised explosive device with limited damage potential.”

“PST is now working on finding his intentions and find out whether others are involved,” she said.

The youth was not identified, but security service head Benedicte Bjornland said Norwegian intelligence was aware of him. He is an asylum-seeker from Russia who arrived in Norway with his family in 2010, Bjornland said.

Bjornland also alleged that the youth was part of “extreme Islamism” circles in Norway. He was arrested based on a tip from the public, Bjornland said without elaborating. NYDailyNews

After Friday’s terrorist attack in Stockholm police in Norway have rearmed.

Norway’s state police began rearming themselves on Friday afternoon after Stockholm was hit by a terrorist attack that left at least four people dead and 15 injured, nine of them seriously. The attacker drove a stolen truck down a pedestrian street and into the large and busy Åhlens City shopping center in the heart of downtown.

The attack shocked Scandinavians and prompted Norway’s police intelligence unit PST (Politiets sikkerhetstjeneste) to immediately re-evaluate the threat level in Norway, which is on the verge of its traditional Easter holiday week. Norwegian leaders denounced the attack and sent their condolences. NewInEnglish

US Plans To Deploy 330 Marines In Norway


There are numerous foreign policy disasters that have come out of the Obama-Clinton years of diplomacy. As Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s weakness showed in her infamous 2009 “reset” meeting with Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov.  Which has now fallen apart as Russia scraps its nuclear disarmament deal with the U.S, citing Washington’s “unfriendly actions”.  Policies of weakness can be the trigger for a disastrous war.

The Obama’s administration are following policies toward Russia, belligerent polices.  Two policies on cyberspace and Syria are based on mendacity.


The constant claim Russia hacked the emails that were released by Wikileaks.  It is only a belief as the Obama administration has no proof that the Russians hacked the email accounts.

The Democrats when caught in their criminal activities scream, Russians did it!  Then VP Biden threatens Russia with cyber attacks, which Russia was concerned about.

The Kremlin on Saturday slammed Washington for its “unprecedented” threats against Moscow over an alleged series of cyber attacks and vowed to respond. AFP

330 Marines will deploy in Norway.

The Norwegian government has confirmed reports that the United States will deploy over 300 troops in Norway, in a move set to upset neighbouring Russia.

The 330 Marines, to be stationed on rotation around 1,000 kilometres from the Russian border, will be engaged in training and manoeuvres in almost Arctic conditions, the Norwegian defence ministry said.

The announcement comes against a backdrop of increasing tensions between Russia and the West over Ukraine and the conflict in Syria, although Norway itself enjoys good relations with its giant neighbour.
The US already has vast amounts of military equipment positioned in Nato ally Norway — notably in tunnels dug into mountains — but no troops. TheLocalNo

U.S. policy in Syria

In Syria, you have the Obama administration poking Russia. Is Barack Obama actually trying to start a world war with Russia?

Obama and his foreign policy team met Oct. 14th to weigh Syria military options.  The military option would be an act of war!

Some top officials argue the United States must act more forcefully in Syria or risk losing what influence it still has over moderate rebels and its Arab, Kurdish and Turkish allies in the fight against Islamic State, the officials told Reuters.

In June, 51 State Department diplomats. urged bombing strikes against Assad.

Last September, Pentagon officials called for a ‘no-fly’ zone in Syria;  it would only apply to Russian and Syrian aircraft. Hillary Clinton has also advocated the creation of a no-fly zone.  Russia has also deployed numerous S-300 and S-400 air defense systems in Syria. Continue reading US Plans To Deploy 330 Marines In Norway

Muslims Call For Norway Minister To Resign Over Comments On Muslim Integration

Norwegian Minister of Migration and Integration Sylvi Listhaug
Norwegian Minister of Migration and Integration Sylvi Listhaug

Norwegian Minister of Migration and Integration Sylvi Listhaug said, “I think those who come to Norway need to adapt to our society. Here we eat pork, drink alcohol and show our face. You must abide by the values, laws and regulations that are in Norway when you come here.”

Sounds sensible.

Sylvi Listhaug is a member of the the Progress Party in Norway, it is a conservative party, part of a center-right coalition that was formed in 2013.

Norwegian Muslims have called on the country’s integration minister to step down after she said that immigrants should adapt to a culture of pork, alcohol and no face-veils.

Sylvi Listhaug, a minister appointed by the anti-immigrant Progress Party, caused outrage on Monday when she made an incendiary post on the eve of an national integration conference.

“I think those who come to Norway need to adapt to our society. Here we eat pork, drink alcohol and show our face. You must abide by the values, laws and regulations that are in Norway when you come here,” she wrote in a post that was ‘liked’ by 20,000 people. TheLocalNo

Last March Sylvi Listhaug stated, “Many of those who have carried out terror attacks in Europe are born and raised in France and Belgium. It shows how important it is to succeed with integration and that is again connected to how many come to Norway. Therefore a tight immigration policy is important.”

“We have foreign fighters who have left Norway and [we have] radical environments. We should not stick our heads in the sand and say that everything is good here. But fortunately we are a long way from the conditions we see in some other countries, for example Sweden,” she said. TheLocalNo

Norway Proposes Jailing Migrantss Whose Asylum Claims Are Bogus

Norwegian Minister of Migration and Integration Sylvi Listhaug
Norwegian Minister of Migration and Integration Sylvi Listhaug

The ‘migrants’ entered Norway illegally from safe countries. Part of a major asylum bill in the Norwegian parliament is for the illegal migrant to be jailed 72 hours as their case is processed, “to stop them escaping into the criminal underworld while their cases are processed” and “evading the authorities if they know they will be rejected.”  Sounds sensible.

Migrants in Norway with ‘obviously groundless’ asylum claims could be jailed for up to 72 hours to stop them escaping into the criminal underworld while their cases are processed.

The plan is part of a bill proposed today by Integration Minister Sylvi Listhaug and aims to stop claimants evading the authorities if they know they will be rejected.

Since 2004 Norway has used a so-called 48-hour procedure where asylum claims of migrants from safe countries are processed within that time.
But this new plan empowers police to arrest and detain migrants with unfounded claims, reports The Local.

Speaking to state broadcaster NRK, Listhaug said: ‘We can see that unfounded asylum seekers disappear while the police are processing their applications. This will prohibit them from running off and eventually getting involved in criminal activity. DailyMail

Norway: Hundreds Of Syrian Refugees Have Pictures Of Severed Heads, Executions, And Dead Children On Their Phones

Migrants cycled into Norway from Russia
Migrants cycled into Norway from Russia

The horde of ‘migrants’ that entered Norway during the summer meant less than thorough security checks.

During security checks of belongs Norwegian officals found on the ‘migrants’ phones  photos of ISIS and other terrorist groups flags, executions, severed heads, and pictures of dead children.  There is an ‘expert’, that is head of Norway’s asylum program, that justifies the horrific images on the phones.

Hundreds of asylum-seekers entering Norway were discovered to have images of ‘executions’ and ‘severed heads’ on their mobile phones.

The revelation comes amid heightened fears that ISIS is exploiting the migrant crisis to smuggle fighters into Europe, following last month’s attacks in Paris.

Police admitted that the ‘explosion’ of refugees crossing into the country over the summer and in recent months meant that security checks were less thorough than required, and weren’t checking the background of those entering the country.

The Police Immigration Service (PU) in Norway has been forced to work overtime and under severe pressure due to the massive numbers of asylum-seekers hoping to take refuge in the country.

But after searching belongings and mobile phones belonging to refugees and migrants crossing the border, police discovered ‘hundreds’ of examples of ‘photos and videos of executions and brutal punishments, such as images of people holding up severed heads or hands’. They also reportedly found photographs of dead children and other victims of war, crimes and terrorism.

Numerous images of ISIS flags and symbols belonging to other terrorist organisations were also found, according to Norwegian newspaper Nettavisen.

Erik Haugland, head of Norway’s asylum programme pointed out that it was possible the images were on the phones for innocent reasons.

He explained that asylum-seekers might have the photographs in order to bear witness to the war and horrors they were fleeing in their home country, or they may have been a tactic to sneak through jihadi-controlled areas unharmed.

Norwegian And Chinese Nationals Executed By ISIS

ISIS claimed on Wednesday that it has executed both a Norwegian and a Chinese hostage they’d captured earlier this year.

Solberg and Foreign Minister Børge Brende condemned the “disgusting and barbaric” treatment of IS’ hostages at a press conference Wednesday evening. They dislosed that IS had sent photos and video of how they were beating Ole-Johan Grimsgaard-Ofstad, along with their demand for ransom earlier this year. News bureau AP reported on Wednesday that IS had announced the Norwegian and Chinese hostages’ executions in an online magazine, claiming both were killed after “infidel” countries and organizations had cut them off. NewsInEnglish.no

China vows to bring ISIS to justice.


The Chinese Foreign Ministry has confirmed that Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) has executed a Chinese national in the Middle East. The ministry has vowed to bring the perpetrators “to justice.”

China has confirmed the identity of the victim as Fan Jinghui. He had been previously identified by the terrorists as a 50-year-old freelance consultant from Beijing.

The man was apparently featured in the terrorist group’s magazine back in September, where he was mockingly put up for “sale” along with a Norwegian hostage. Both China and Norway refused to pay the ransom that the terrorists had demanded. RT

Norway: Many Syrian Refugees Face Return To Russia

Storskog border control Norway-Russia

Many of the Syrian refugees streaming over the Norwegian-Russian border have legal residence permits in Russia and have lived there several years. They most likely will be sent back to Russia as Norwegian authorities contend they don’t need further protection in Norway.

The vast majority are from Syria but far from all of have fled directly from the war-torn country. Police have discovered that many traveled to Russia as long as five to seven years ago, even before the civil war broke out.

“We’re seeing a tendency that those coming over the border at Storskog have had residence permission in other countries than Syria,” Tor Espen Haga of UDI’s police administrative arm, Politiets utlendingsenhet, told NRK.

One refugee, who asked not to be identified, confirmed to NRK that he had lived for several years in Russia and held both a work and student visa. A lack of jobs and “difficult conditions” in Russia, however, prompted him to seek a better life in Norway. He also claimed that refugees in Russia are viewed as “second-class citizens.”

“Russia doesn’t help us at all,” added another Syrian refugee who lacked a Russian job visa. “If you try to work and get caught, they’ll throw you in jail. You can stay in Russia, but you’re not allowed to do anything,” he told NRK. That’s why he also opted to seek asylum in Norway.

But Norwegian officials are strict about only granting asylum to those needing protection, not those seeking better lives in Norway. If Russia granted the refugees protection in the form of residence permits, it’s likely they’ll be sent back to Russia. Those lacking residence permission in Russia have a better chance of winning asylum. NewsInEnglish

Norway Film Festival Rejects Israeli Filmmaker, Citing BDS As Only Reason

TheOtherDreamersFilmThe film, “The Other Dreamers, is about disabled children in Tel Aviv. The film was rejected from the ‘Human Rights Human wrongs’ festival in Oslo, Norway as the film dealt with Israel but did not include, address, and focus on Palestinian subject matter.

Israeli -Norwegian relations have hardly been a flash point in the troubled history of the Middle East. But a programming decision last week by a film festival in Oslo to reject a film simply for its Israeli­ness may have opened a new chapter in the boycott movement against Israel.

In an apologetic email received on Aug. 10, a filmmaker in Tel Aviv, Roy Zafrani, learned that his short documentary, “The Other Dreamers,” had been rejected by the Human Rights Human Wrongs festival, which focuses on political documentaries.

“We support the academic and cultural boycott of Israel,” wrote Ketil Magnussen, founder of the festival’s parent organization, the Oslo Documentary Cinema. He added that unless Mr. Zafrani’s films were about the “illegal occupation,” the blockade of Gaza, or discrimination against Palestinians, they would not be shown.

“I’m sorry,” he wrote. “Please let me know if you have documentary films that are dealing directly with the occupation.”

Mr. Zafrani, whose film has played dozens of festivals in the United States and abroad and deals with the lives of disabled children at a center near Tel Aviv. NYTimes

A great short history on Europe’s hatred toward Jews.

Alan Dershowitz – Europe’s Alarming Push to Isolate Israel

When President Barack Obama warned of “international fallout” if Israel fails to embrace the latest U.S. Middle East peace proposal, Newsmax asked noted author and Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz to comment on the growing talk of a European boycott against Israel.

Why are so many of the grandchildren of Nazis and Nazi collaborators who brought us the Holocaust once again declaring war on the Jews?

Why have we seen such an increase in anti-Semitism and irrationally virulent anti-Zionism in western Europe?

To answer these questions, a myth must first be exposed. That myth is the one perpetrated by the French, the Dutch, the Norwegians, the Swiss, the Belgians, the Austrians, and many other western Europeans: namely that the Holocaust was solely the work of German Nazis aided perhaps by some Polish, Ukrainian, Latvian, Lithuanian, and Estonian collaborators.

False. Read more at NewsMax

Isis And Al Nusra Militants Found Among UN Refugees Bound For Norway From Syria

isisflagmansyriaAt least Norway is smart enough to check the background of refugees before allowing them into Norway. How rigorous is the security screening on middle eastern refugees being resettled in the U.S.?

Several Middle Eastern refugees set to be granted asylum in Norway under a UN scheme were found to have ties to the jihadist groups Islamic State (Isis) and Al Nusra Front.

“Unfortunately, there are people who try to exploit and abuse the refugee system. We have uncovered some quota refugees with links to the Nusra Front and the ISIL,” police superintendent Svein Erik Molstad told Norway’s Dagbladet newspaper.

On two trips to the Middle East to vet refugees bound for Norway, Norway’s PST police intelligence unit uncovered that 10 of those on the list had links to the jihadist groups.

Both Isis and the al-Qaeda-linked Al Nusra Front are designated terrorist organisations by the United Nations (UN).

The migrants were part of the “quota” refugees cleared by the UN High Commissioner for Refugees for resettlement in Norway.

The PST did not reveal the methods it employs to conduct background checks, or how it discovered the group’s terror links. It said it could not rule out if other people with terror links had managed to secure residence in Norway. IBTimes

Norway Repeals Blasphemy Law After Charlie Hebdo Attack

FlagofNorwayIn response to the January brutal attack on the French magazine Charlie Hebdo, Norway has repealed  its longstanding blasphemy law.


142. Any person who by word or deed publicly insults or in an offensive or injurious manner shows contempt for any creed whose practice is permitted in the realm or for the doctrines or worship of any religious community lawfully existing here, or who is accessory thereto, shall be liable to fines or to detention or imprisonment for a term not exceeding six months.

A prosecution will only be instituted when the public interest so requires. legislationonline

The proposal to rush through the change was made in February by Conservative MP Anders B. Werp and Progress Party MP Jan Arild Ellingsen, who argued that the law “underpins a perception that religious expressions and symbols are entitled to a special protection”.

“This is very unfortunate signal to send, and it is time that society clearly stands up for freedom of speech,” the two wrote in their proposal.

Norway’s parliament first voted to scrap the blasphemy law back in 2009, against strong opposition from the Christian Democrat party. But the move has yet to come into force because the country’s new penal code remains delayed by problems updating the computer systems used by police and prosecutors.

The decision to push through the change was attacked as “cultural suicide” by Finn Jarle Sæle, editor of the Norwegian Christian weekly, Norge IDAG.

But the change will be largely symbolic.

The last time anyone was tried for blasphemy in Norway was back in 1933, when the writer Arnulf Overland was prosecuted for giving a lecture titled “Christianity, the tenth plague” to the Norwegian Students’ Society. He was acquitted.

The last time anyone was actually convicted was in 1912, when the journalist Arnfred Olsen was taken to court for an article criticising Christianity in the radical magazine Freethinkers. The Local (Norway)