PA Chairman Abbas – He Won’t Stop Giving American Money to Terrorists Untill His Dying Day

Congress needs to turn the money off.

Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas has rejected American demands that he stop using foreign financial aid to pay stipends and salaries to the families of jailed Palestinian terrorists.

Abbas met last week with US envoys Jared Kushner and Jason Greenblatt as part of President Donald Trump’s efforts to restart Middle East peace talks.

According to Israeli journalists present at the meeting, Kushner, who is Trump’s son-in-law, reiterated the long-standing demand that the Palestinian Authority not reward terrorism with financial gain.

Congress has repeatedly threatened to halt all foreign aid to the Palestinian Authority over the payments to jailed terrorists, nearly all of whom are incarcerated in Israel for carrying out attacks on Jewish men, women and children.

The Arabic-language newspaper Al-Quds reported that Abbas’ response was to “inform Kushner that he would never stop paying these salaries until his dying day, even if this cost him the presidency.”

“Article courtesy of Israel Today magazine, Israel Today.

Gatestone Institute has an explanation of what is taking place:

For the record, this is not a defense of Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas or of funding terrorists. It is simply an explanation of what is taking place. Nonetheless, it is worth noting that the idea of ending payments to Palestinian terrorists and their families is a challenging one, to say the least. Old habits, especially of hate, are hard to break.

The practice of paying salaries to terrorists and the families of “martyrs” is as old as the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), which was founded in 1964. It did not start after the establishment of the Palestinian Authority (PA) in 1994. Nor did this practice start after Abbas was elected as president of the PA in January 2005.

Prior to the establishment of the PA, the PLO relied solely on Arab and Islamic financial aid to pay salaries to imprisoned terrorists and the families of those killed in terror attacks against Israel.

But after most of the Arab countries turned their backs on the PLO, following its support for Saddam Hussein’s invasion of Kuwait and the subsequent establishment of the PA, the Europeans and Americans became the major donors to the Palestinians — including payments to the terrorists and their families.

Is a massive shift in attitude possible?

A plan to dry up the funds that support terrorists and their families, is doomed from the start unless these leaders reverse their behavior and embark on a process of de-radicalizing their people…

Under Abbas and his predecessor, Yasser Arafat, countless institutions have been established to support terrorists and their families. At one point, they even set up a special ministry called the Ministry of Detainees and Ex-Detainees Affairs. Its main goal: “to ensure a decent life for prisoners and care for their children and their families.” Why should any Palestinian go to university and search for a job when he can make a “decent living” murdering Jews?

Full article at GatestoneInstitte

Dublin Flies Palestinian Flag Over City Hall

The move was condemned by the Zionist group Irish4Israel, which said “such a move will have an extremely negative impact on Dublin’s international image and tourism.”

“It is quite staggering and almost admirable that these public figures spoke with such arrogant conviction, while having such little historical knowledge of the conflict and its complexities. Most rattled off a few rehashed old buzzwords while remaining comfortable in their simplistic black and white world view,” Irish4Israel added. JNS

The Dublin City Council voted to fly the Palestinian flag above City Hall in a show of support for Palestinian statehood.

Forty-two councilmen in the Irish capital voted in favor of the motion, 11 voted against and seven abstained on Monday evening.

The flag reportedly was raised over City Hall and will remain there until the end of the month. The date had been brought forward from May 15, the day on the Gregorian calendar that Israel became an independent state, and the day referred to by Palestinians as Nakba Day. In Arabic, Nakba means “catastrophe.”

An alternative resolution calling for both the Israeli and Palestinian flags to fly in acknowledgment of “the suffering of civilians on both sides” was defeated.

Ireland is rumored to be ready to recognize a Palestinian state. It was the first European country to recognize the Palestine Liberation Organization and has traditionally been one of Israel’s harshest critics in the European Union. JPost

In 2016 U.S. State Dept. Gave Palestinians $357 Million. And That’s Not All

The U.S government gives more aid to the Palestinians than any other country.

The State Department has in fact provided Ramallah with over $357 million in financial assistance in the past year, according to information given to The Times of Israel by a US State Department official.

Additionally, in 2016 alone, the US contributed $355,177,827 to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNWRA), of which $95 million was earmarked for the West Bank and Gaza. UNWRA also operates Palestinian refugee camps in Jordan, Syria and Lebanon.

In total, therefore, the US gave around $712 million in aid to Palestinians in 2016, and is the world’s largest supplier of such aid. TimesOfIsrael

In terms of per capita dollar amount, Palestinians are on top of the list for aid.

The European Union contribution in 2014 was $139,402,221; the United Kingdom’s $95,328,127; Sweden’s $79,975,260; Germany’s $54,838,742 and Norway’s $35,911,782.  Together, with other western governments including Japan, Switzerland, Australia, Netherlands, Denmark, France, Italy, Belgium, Finland, and Ireland, the total came to over $1 billion. That amount reflects only government contributions and not non-governmental agencies (NGO’s). Global Humanitarian Assistance reported that the international humanitarian response from 2002 to 2011 provided the West Bank and Gaza Palestinians with $6.7 billionFrontPageMag

Video: PA Minister defends PA giving money to terrorists, they are “heroes”

PA Minister of Prisoners’ Affairs Issa Karake, at a rally, defends the use of EU aid money to pay the “salaries” of imprisoned terrorists.

In itself, humanitarian aid to the Palestinians is a positive and welcomed gesture, provided that the aid goes to build an economic, social, and political infrastructure, as well as the rule of law in the Palestinian territories.  If the funds provided by American, European governments and NGO’s were to be used for the creation of a civil society that is promoting democracy, religious tolerance, and peaceful coexistence with Israel, every cent would be worthwhile.  Regrettably, that is not the case. FrontPageMag

Palestinian Court Suspends October 8th Local Elections

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas

Both sides were afraid.

There has been no Palestinian presidential election since 2005 and Abbas continues his 4-year president term.  The Palestinian parliament has not met since 2007, the year Hamas seized the Gaza Strip by force, driving out Fatah.

No one in the leaderships of Hamas or Fatah will likely shed a tear over the decision Thursday of the Palestinian High Court of Justice (the equivalent of the Supreme Court) to postpone local elections in the West Bank and Gaza. These were due to take place on October 8; the court said it would reconsider the issue in a few months’ time. TimesofIsrael

In the Gaza Strip, Hamas has been using the courts to block some Fatah candidates.

Other analysts spoke of a tight and difficult race between the Hamas and Fatah lists and the decisions in Gaza’s courts (operated by Hamas) to disqualify their rivals’ lists one after another, sometimes for very strange reasons. This happened in places like Umm Zahara, Beit Hanoun, Nuseirat and Khan Younis.

In 2012, municipal elections were held in the West Bank “amid accusations of vote rigging and political violence from political rivals and human rights groups.”  Hamas boycotted and refused to recognize the election “as a legitimate expression of the Palestinian peoples will.”

Some analysts saw Abbas’s decision to call for the elections as a failed gambit since he may have been hoping Hamas would again sit out as it did in 2012. AFP

Some actually see the elections as a stop toward reconciliation between Hamas and Fatah.  Too funny!

2016:  It was being seen by some analysts as a sign of whether Hamas and Fatah could take a significant step towards reconciliation.  AFP

2012:  Robert Serry, the United Nation’s peace envoy, had expressed hopes that these municipal elections would “serve as a prelude to general elections being organised next year in all of the occupied Palestinian territory in the context of reconciliation” between Hamas and Fatah.  Telegraph

Israel Charges UN Employee With Providing Aid To Hamas In Gaza

Waheed Borsh
Waheed Borsh

In the last week Israel has indicted 2 Gaza Palestinian aid workers for assisting Hamas.  Israel charged Mohammed El-Halabi, the head of World Vision charity in Gaza with funneling  $43 million to Hamas over the last six years.

Now indicted by Israel for assisting Hamas is an United Nations employee Waheed Borsh, 38, an employee of Gaza development agency, UNDP.

Israel’s Shin Bet internal security agency said 38-year-old Waheed Borsh has worked as an engineer for UNDP, the U.N. development agency, for 13 years. It said he was arrested in July and confessed to using his position to help Hamas.

The Shin Bet said Borsh used UNDP resources last year to build a jetty for Hamas’ naval forces and that he persuaded his managers to prioritize the reconstruction of houses damaged in conflicts with Israel in areas where Hamas members lived.

Israel’s Foreign Ministry said it has informed U.N. officials of the arrest and the allegations and expects the U.N. to “take concrete measures to ensure that humanitarian activities actually assist those in need in Gaza instead of assisting the terrorist leaders of Hamas.”

Israel’s Ambassador to the United Nations Danny Danon said he was concerned about a “worrying trend of U.N. exploitation by Hamas.”

A U.N. spokesman in Jerusalem could not immediately be reached. AP

Palestinian Man Fired From His Job For Saving Rabbi’s Children After A West Bank Terror Attack

An Israeli car hit in a drive-by shooting near Hebron that killed Miki Mark on July 1, 2016 (IDF Spokesperson's Unit)
An Israeli car hit in a drive-by shooting near Hebron that killed Miki Mark on July 1, 2016 (IDF Spokesperson’s Unit)

Doing the correct thing has cost a Palestinian man his job.

The Palestinian rescuer and his wife, residents of the Hebron area, helped the surviving members of the Mark family escape their overturned vehicle and administered first aid until first responders arrived at the scene…

Palestinian man who saved the children of a West Bank rabbi after a deadly terror attack that killed him has been fired from his job, according to the head of Har Hevron Regional Council.

In a Facebook post on Sunday, Yochai Damri said that the man is now unemployed due to Palestinian opposition to his actions and should be assisted by Israel.

“I met with him and he asked me to help remove any obstacle preventing him from receiving a work permit,” Damri wrote. Such a permit would allow the man to obtain employment inside Israel.

Rabbi Miki Mark was murdered in the July 1 shooting, his wife Chava was seriously injured, and their two teenage children were also hurt. The Palestinian rescuer and his wife, residents of the Hebron area, helped the surviving members of the Mark family escape their overturned vehicle and administered first aid until first responders arrived at the scene.  TimesOfIsrael

Yohai Damri’s Facebook page posted, in Hebrew, that the Palestinian rescuer kept the children in his car and made sure no one would harm them or kidnap them despite dozens of cars that passed by and threatened him and demanded that he categorically stop treating Jews.

“Palestinian” People”?

Fathi Hamad is the interior minister in the Hamas government.  “Those pushing for a Palestinian state try to paint the Palestinian Arabs as somehow distinct from the Arabs round-about, and therefore in need of their own state. Not so, said Hammad. “Every Palestinian, in Gaza and throughout Palestine, can prove his Arab roots – whether from Saudi Arabia, from Yemen, or anywhere. We have blood ties.”

More than that, Hammad stated that the true regional background of most “Palestinians” is not in “Palestine.”

“Brothers, half of the Palestinians are Egyptians and the other half are Saudis,” exclaimed the Hamas minister.” IsraelToday

The invented Palestinian identity was vividly shown with the opening of a Palestinian national museum empty of exhibits.

What links this group together is the drive to remove Jewish sovereignty in Israel.

Who are the so-called “Palestinian people” ?
What are the origins of the Arabs who today call themselves “Palestinians” ?

Palestinian Refugee Camps Or Terrorist Bases?

Ain Al-Hilweh

Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon over the last decades have increasingly become bases for various militias and terrorist groups.

ISIS is on the mind of the Palestinian Authority (PA) leadership. Top PA officials have expressed concern that jihadi groups, including ISIS, have managed to infiltrate Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon.

Lebanese authorities are also worried — so worried that they have issued a stiff warning to the Palestinians: Stop the terrorists or else we will take security into our own hands.

According to Lebanese security sources, more and more Palestinians in Lebanon have joined ISIS and the Al-Qaeda-affiliated Al-Nusra Front, a Sunni Islamist militia fighting against Syrian government forces. In response, the Lebanese security forces have taken a series of measures in a bid to contain the problem and prevent the two Islamist terror groups from establishing bases of power in the Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon.

The Lebanese authorities are concerned with ISIS and Al-Nusra Front in the Palestinian refugee camps, especially the Ain Al-Hilweh refugee camp, the largest camp in Lebanon, with a population of more of than 120,000.

Alarmed by the success of ISIS and Al-Nusra Front in recruiting dozens of Palestinians to their ranks, the Palestinian Authority leadership this week sent Azzam Al-Ahmed, a senior advisor to President Mahmoud Abbas, to Beirut for urgent talks with Lebanese government officials on ways of containing the escalation. The PA leadership fears that the heightened activities of the two terrorist groups in the refugee camps will force the Lebanese army to launch a massive military operation to get rid of the terrorists, who pose an immediate threat to Lebanese national security.

Al-Ahmed, who is in charge of the Lebanon Portfolio in the Palestinian Authority, held a series of meetings with Lebanese government officials in a bid to avoid a security showdown between the Lebanese army and the Palestinians living in the country’s refugee camps. Following a meeting with Lebanese Interior Minister Nihad Al-Mashnouk, the Palestinian envoy said that the talks focused on the need to take “joint steps to ensure security stability in the Palestinian refugee camps.” According to Al-Ahmed, the talks also dealt with ways to prevent certain parties, especially ISIS and Al-Nusra Front, from exploiting the Palestinian refugee camps to threaten Lebanon’s security interests.  GatestoneInstitute

Shin Bet Chief: Most Female Terrorists Faced Honor Murder By Families

Nadav Argaman
Nadav Argaman

Israel’s Shin Bet new chief Nadav Argaman addressed a Knesset committee on ‘the way in which Palestinian girls and women are being forced by the norms of their society to become cannon fodder in the “lone-wolf intifada,” ‘.

More than 40 women have been involved in the current wave of terror in Israel.  In almost every case the background to the individual woman in a suicidal attack was internal family conflict over disapproval of her conduct.  In some cases the family drove the woman to the scene of the terror attack. Argaman stated that the women were sent to certain death as an act of redemption for their misconduct, and also as a means for their families to earn adulation and a monthly stipend from the Palestinian Authority.

Nadav Argaman addressed the role of Arab women in the terror wave against Israelis that began last September.

More specifically, he talked about the way in which Palestinian girls and women are being forced by the norms of their society to become cannon fodder in the “lone-wolf intifada,” characterized by stabbings, car-rammings, Molotov cocktail-hurling, pipe-bombing and rock-throwing.

According to Argaman, so far, more than 40 females have been wounded, killed or arrested for committing — or attempting to commit – terrorist attacks against Israeli soldiers and civilians. These acts are both homicidal and suicidal in nature: geared towards murder, on the one hand, but usually involve or result in self-sacrifice. Indeed, a teenage girl who runs up to a group of IDF soldiers while flailing a knife and shouting “Allahu akbar” knows she is not long for this world. Even those who go after unarmed passersby are aware that they are likely to be shot in the process.

The Shin Bet chief explained that in the vast majority of such cases, the girls or women had a more pressing things on their minds than the politics of resistance that their leaders declare will bring about the elimination of the Jewish state, and that their imams say is a Muslim duty.

In fact, Argaman pointed out, most of these women had “shamed” their families in some way – through what is considered to constitute sexual misconduct. This could include anything from flirting with the wrong boy — a Christian, perhaps – to engaging in actual or perceived adultery.

These women know that what awaits them is a painful, humiliating, often slow, death at the hands of one or more male relatives – fathers, brothers, uncles, cousins – with no intervention on the part of their mothers or the Palestinian police.

Yes, honor killing is alive and well in the Palestinian Authority, whose leaders traipse around the United Nations in Armani suits to bemoan Israeli injustices.

To “launder” their inevitable end, many Palestinian girls opt to go out with a literal bang and become “martyrs.” some, Argaman said, are encouraged to do so – even driven to the site of the terrorist attacks they are told to commit – by their parents. If the girls are put to death for dishonoring their families, the stain remains. If, on the other hand, they are killed in the process of maiming Jews, their parents are guaranteed adulation and a hefty monthly stipend from the coffers of the PA, filled regularly by the United States and Europe. Algemeiner

Pro-Palestinian Groups: Israel Instructing U.S. Police To Murder Blacks

blm-plmBlack Lives Matter and pro-Palestinians groups team up to blame Israel for all their problems.
By David Lazarus

Israel is responsible for the killings of African-Americans by the US police, according to pro-Palestinian groups.

Palestinian activists are spreading the dangerous libel against the Jewish state claiming that the “genocide” of Black Americans is a direct result Israeli “inhuman treatment and genocide of Palestinians.”

Here are the facts. Confronted with increased terrorism in the US, the American government has been inviting Israelis to train their police forces in anti-terror tactics. Israel is known for maintaining the highest level of anti-terror security and uncovering and foiling planned terror attacks. The US is just one in among a growing number of countries around the world inviting the Israelis to train their anti-terror units.

Palestinians are claiming, however, that the Israelis do more than train anti-terror units. According to numerous articles being published by pro-Palestinian groups, the Israelis are also instructing US police forces “to use the same murderous and racist tactics used by Israelis against Palestinians.” US cops, say the pro-Palestinian groups, are murdering Blacks because that’s what Israel is teaching them.

One group called the NYU Students for Justice in Palestine posted a condemnation of the number of black people killed by the police in the US, and called for Palestinians to support African-Americans protesting against such violence. “We must remember that many US police departments train with the Israeli Defense Forces,” the group wrote. “The same forces behind the genocide of black people in America are behind the genocide of Palestinians. The IDF assists the NYPD and other American police departments in their oppression and murder of black people.”

A Jewish pro-Palestinian activist, Alice Rothchild, also addressed the training of some US law enforcement officials in Israel, alleging that IDF policies are based on racism toward “brown people.”

“While the carnage in our cities is certainly related to our own history of slavery and modern day racism and lack of gun control and a host of societal forces, having a police force influenced and trained by an occupying military force that sees another group of brown people (Arabs) as the enemy has certainly heightened the issue. The parallels between white racism and Jewish supremacy flourish here and abroad,” wrote Rothchild

Some of the groups associated with the Black Lives Matter movement protesting against US police violence towards black Americans have tied themselves to pro-Palestinian activists. For example, Dream Defenders – a Black Lives Matter group founded by Palestinian Ahmad Abuznaid – declares on their website that they are dedicated to fighting against the “continued settler colonial project, the state of Israel.”

Article courtesy of Israel Today magazine,

Growing Ties Between Islamist And Militant Black Rights Groups

As the FBI and local authorities launched an investigation [Micah Johnson shooting of Dallas police officers], their focus was expected to probe militant black rights groups set up in Dallas. Anti-police groups include the New Black Panther Party and Huey P. Newton Gun Club, named after the founder of the 1960s activist Black Panther Party.

The Huey P. Newton Gun Club includes a coalition of BARC (Blacks Against Racist Cops) and other African-American groups, who agitate against police ­brutality. The group ­attended the Nation of Islam’s Muhammad mosque in Dallas in April to monitor protests by an anti-­Islamic group, the ­Bureau of American ­Islamic Relations. Both sides were armed, and moved on by police…The Austrian

Once the dust settled, last week’s [March 2016] protest of a Donald Trump rally in Chicago demonstrated a growing nexus between Islamist groups in the United States and the radical leftist “Black Lives Matter” movement.

This rhetoric of unity between these movements was clearly on display at the 2015 joint conference of the 2015 Muslim American Society (MAS) and the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA). MAS was described by federal prosecutors as the “ overt arm” of the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood, and ICNA is recognized as the front for the Pakistani Islamist group Jamaat-e-Islami (JeI) founded by one of the foremost thinkers on modern Jihad, Syed Abul A’la Maududi.

At the event, MAS leader Khalilah Sabra openly discussed the importance of Muslim support for Black Lives Matter, and urged “revolution.” Comparing the situation in the United States to the Muslim Brotherhood-led Arab Spring revolutions, she asked, “We are the community that staged a revolution across the world; if we can do that, why can’t we have that revolution in America?”  TownHall


Reporting on this merging “revolutionary” alliance goes back as far as the first outbreak of disorder in Ferguson. Few may recall the attendance at Michael Brown’s funeral of CAIR executive director Nihad Awad. Awad was identified in federal court as a member of the Palestine Committee, a covert group of Muslim Brothers dedicated to supporting Hamas in the United States.

CAIR joined other groups named by federal law enforcement as Muslim Brotherhood organizations and lined up behind the Ferguson protests. TownHall

BDS Endorsement

Patrisse Cullors is one of the founders of Black Lives Matter group.  Patrisse Cullors and BYP 100 (Black Youth Project) went with a Dream Defenders (founded by Palestinian Ahmad Abuznaid) delegation to Israel last year to listen to and see what was happening to Palestinians “specifically around the occupation“.

The group held a solidarity demonstration in Nazareth, Israel as a call for support of the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) campaign.  The trip was organized by the Institute for Middle East Understanding an organization that describes the entire territory from the Mediterranean Sea to the River Jordan as governed by Israeli “apartheid.”

There is, however, no rational connection between the challenge of racism in America and the situation facing the Palestinians… Israel’s relations with the Palestinians are of a completely different characterADL

Long Development

While this linkage of Islamist front groups to radical racial politics may seem a relatively new development, the reality is it has been the result of a nearly four decade long effort by Islamist groups. A major thinker on this effort was a Pakistani immigrant and ICNA leader named Shamim A. Siddiqui, who knew JeI founder Maududi personally. Siddiqui wrote his work, Methodology of Dawah Il Allah in American Perspective in 1989…

Siddiqui focused not solely on religious proselytizing, but on the promotion of Islam as a political system. Siddiqui spends much of Methodology of Dawahdiscussing the efforts being made at recruiting and indoctrinating African Americans, and complained that the “revolutionary” aspect of Islam (his words) was being ignored by those working to convert the African American community.

Ultimately, Siddiqui believed that the Dawah mission depends on merging the grassroots intensity of radicalized African American Muslim communities—like those led by Jamil Abdullah Amin—with the doctrinal and more sophisticated Muslim Brotherhood-led immigrant communities. Siddiqui writes:

“This again, will not be possible without bringing both the immigrant and Afro-American Muslim communities of America on to one platform. The resources of one and the political awakening of the other, when combined together with the Islamic Movement of America, will be able to play miracles…There will be no dearth of resources, both of men and material, at that time. Only the Islamic Movement of America can get this job accomplished.”

Methodology of Dawah remains an important training (tarbiyah) text in use by U.S. Islamist groups, including MAS-ICNA.  TownHall

Abbas Retracts His Claims Of Jewish Settlers Poisoning Water Wells

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas

In a speech that earned a standing ovation Palestinian President Abbas in his address Thursday to the European Union in Brussels stated, “Certain rabbis in Israel have said very clearly to their government that our water should be poisoned in order to have Palestinians killed.”

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu stated, “In Brussels, Abu Mazen (Abbas) showed his true face.  Someone who refuses to meet President Rivlin and Prime Minister Netanyahu for direct negotiations and spreads a blood libel in the European Parliament falsely claims that his hand is extended in peace.”

Abbas’s office on Saturday offered a  retraction and acknowledged Abbas accusations were based on reports that were proven false.

Abbas’s office acknowledged on Saturday that the reports on which his comments had been based had proved to be unfounded.

“It has become evident that the alleged statements by a rabbi on poisoning Palestinian wells, which were reported by various media outlets, are baseless,” it said. INN

Where this particular lie came from.

The story was discovered to be false by Palestinian Media Watch (PMW), an Israeli NGO that monitors Palestinian incitement. PMW claims that Abbas’s accusation is based on an article published last week in Anadolu, a Turkish news service, which claimed , “Rabbi Shlomo Mlma (sic), chairman of the Council of Rabbis in the West Bank settlements(sic), has issued an advisory opinion in which he allowed Jewish settlers to poison water in Palestinian villages and cities in the West Bank.”

PMW reported that the story in Anadolu was based on a claim by Yehuda Shaul, a leader of the extreme left-wing Israeli NGO Breaking the Silence. Shaul was quoted in the Hebrew news service, NRG, as saying that “settlers poisoned” the water of a Palestinian town a number of years ago causing the Palestinians to leave.

The story was confirmed as incorrect by several news services including Reuters and Haaretz. No such rabbi or council was found to exist. Breaking News Israel