Lost In Poverty

povertyusA detrimental effect of the destruction of the family unit is poverty.  In the United States in 2009, the poverty rate for children in married families was 11%. By contrast, the poverty rate for children in female-headed families was 44%. The changes in family composition between these two poverty rates is striking.

The number of single-parent families has increased. Higher and higher numbers of children live in single-parent families in which they are four times as likely to live in poverty and all that goes with it.  Dr. Sara McLanahan, in Psychology Today, research has lead to disturbing conclusions  for children in single-parent families. “Children from single-parent families school drop-out rate is twice as high as rate for children in two-parent families. Children in one-parent families have lower grade point averages and poorer school attendance records. As adults, they are less likely to graduate from college and more likely to become single parents themselves.”

Escape from poverty?

Thomas Sowell, an econmist at Stanford University, addresses the issue of escaping poverty in his article Poor Too Often Led The Wrong Way To Escape Poverty

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