University of New Haven Disinvites Sheriff David Clarke Over His Black Lives Matter Criticisms

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke
Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke

Another conservative speaker has been disinvited from speaking at a tolerant progressive university that supports free speech.  Sheriff Clarke was invited to speak at Connecticut’s University of New Haven  on crime-solving forensics science.

The cult-like demands of #BlackLivesMatter have extended all the way into the Henry C. Lee College of Criminal Justice and Forensic Sciences.  This program, established by Dr. Henry C. Lee of University of New Haven, is one of the foremost academic forensic programs in the world.  (He’s worked on the JonBenét Ramsey case, the O.J. Simpson and Laci Peterson cases, the post-9/11 investigations, and has reinvestigated the assassination of John F. Kennedy.) I was honored to have been invited to speak this month at their 25 th  Annual Markle Symposium October 24 and 25  2016….

On August 3, my assistant had a conversation with Mr. Malloy, who was extremely apologetic and embarrassed to have to rescind the offer. Apparently, the higher-ups did not want me to speak on campus due to my remarks about #BlackLivesMatter.

What did I say that was so controversial? I’m not sure what specific remarks drove them to uninvite me, but anyone who listens to me for five seconds knows I prefer to drop the “v” and call them #BlackLIESMatter. They terrorize the police, lie about their true mission, promote anarchy like the old Black Liberation Army, and released a list of “demands” that included releasing known cop killers.

So, yeah — I’m going to keep speaking out against #BlackLIESMatter — but apparently that means I’m not going to be speaking about forensics at the University of New Haven anytime soon.

This is just the latest example of the assault on different points of view by these fascist, liberal indoctrination factories we call colleges.

I was going to be talking about forensics, not social issues — but apparently the University of New Haven believes its students are incapable of handling debate… or even my presence.

It’s time for those in higher education to grow a spine. Whatever happened to the marketplace of ideas? Sheriff David Clarke blog

The University has assured those disappointed with the cancellation that they “fully support free speech.”


A comment posted on the University of New Haven facebook page.

Danny Bonneau:  You uninvited an incredibly intelligent man in the world of law enforcement due to comments unrelated to his presentation, yet you support free speech?


Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke On Milwaukee Riots

Sheriff David Clarke nailed it on why these riots are happening – liberal politics and media fueled the Milwaukee riots.  Liberal polices result is hopelessness and even rage and do not restore the dignity and humanity of the poor.

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke also penned an op-ed for The Hill.

The Milwaukee riots should be the last time the policies of liberal Democrats are held up as anything other than misery-inducing, divisive, exploitative and racist manipulation of the urban populations. Unfortunately they won’t.

As Sheriff of Milwaukee County, I am furious that the progressive left has put my citizens in harm’s way and that I had to send my officers into cauldrons of anarchy and hatred that were created by the left.

As an elected public servant I am livid that Milwaukee’s pathetic, kowtowing city officials and aldermen take this opportunity to abandon their citizens and preen before the Black Lives Matter-enabling media.

As a leader who understands that freedom and earned success are the pathways out of the ghetto, I’m disappointed, too, in any Republican that feels they need to tiptoe around the patently obvious issue at-hand: we are folding our society of freedom ensured through law-and- order over to bullies of the left. The politicians and talking heads on both sides of the aisle who offer little resistance and total cowardice.  Read full op-ed at The Hill

Sheriff Clarke On Beyonce’s Super Bowl Halftimbe Performance

On CNS News, Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke commented on Beyonce’s halftime show during Super Bowl 50, which paid tribute to the hate group Black Panthers and the radical paid agitators movement Black Lives Matter.

Sheriff David Clarke: ‘Stop Trying to Fix the Police — Fix the Ghetto”

Milwaukee County Sherriff David A. Clarke Jr. criticized the idea that President Barack Obama’s call for reforming the police is helping law enforcement and is instead weakening “the institution of policing,” adding that the solution is to “fix the ghetto” and stop trying to “fix the police.”

Sheriff Clarke made his remarks during an interview with Fox & Friends host Brian Kilmeade on Monday, who launched the discussion by talking about the execution-style killing of a deputy sheriff in Texas last Friday; the suspected killer, a 30-year-old black male, was arrested and charged with “capital murder” in that crime on Saturday.

When asked for his reaction, Sheriff Clarke said the headline should be “Black Man Shoots White Defenseless Police Officer” because, he continued, “I get sick and tired when it’s the other way around, when an officer defends his life, they always point out that it’s a white officer shooting an unarmed black suspect.”

“Look, President Obama has breathed life into this ugly movement,” said Clarke. “And it is time now for good, law-abiding Americans to rise up, like they did in Houston around that Chevron station [where the deputy sheriff was murdered], an outpouring.” CNSNews