United Kingdom Attended Paris Summit in ‘Observer Status’ Only

Great job UK Prime Minister Theresa May!

The UK did not sign the Paris joint declaration, which reaffirms UN Security Council resolution 2334.

The United Kingdom held back from the Paris conference in more than one way on Sunday — and for good reason — making clear from the very start it had no intention of actively taking part in any international move against Israel.

Prime Minister Theresa May was careful to send that message to both the Netanyahu government and incoming U.S. President-elect Donald Trump in her choice of delegates.

Number 10 Downing sent no senior government officials to the summit. Moreover, a UK Foreign Office spokesperson told the BBC that Britain attended the conference in “an observer status” – which led the UK to refrain from signing the joint declaration of the Paris summit as well.

The Foreign Office told the BBC the UK had “particular reservations” about a gathering “intended to advance peace between the parties that does not involve them.” JewishPress

The UK sends junior delegation to Paris Summit in deference to Trump

Britain’s Prime Minister Theresa May looked to the future of her country and deferred to US President-elect Donald Trump on Paris.

Number 10 Downing declined to send its senior ministers to Paris on Sunday, making it clear that for the moment, at least, it won’t support any major moves against Israel in an international forum.

Last week senior advisers to President-elect Donald Trump reportedly told French government officials in a meeting at Trump Tower they “strenuously objected” to the Paris conference, scheduled just five days before Mr. Trump’s inauguration into office and presenting what the president-elect sees as unfair pressure on Israel along with an unjustified reward to Ramallah.

British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson did not attend the summit, nor did the UK Ambassador to France, according to a report published Sunday by The Guardian. Likewise, Canada announced that it, too, would refrain from sending senior government officials to the conference. JewishPress

Theresa May Will Be U.K. Prime Minister On Wednesday

theresa-mayTheresa May is ‘strong, competent and more than able to provide the leadership Britain needs’, David Cameron said today as he confirmed she will replace him as Prime Minister on Wednesday, reported the Daily Mail.

The fact is that [Theresa May] is the longest-serving Home Secretary for more than a century, one of only two women (does one need to name the other?) to hold one of the four great offices of state…

This is also the Home Secretary — as she reminded us in her declaration speech yesterday — who succeeded in deporting the radical hate preachers Abu Qatada, whom previous Home Secretaries had failed to deport for 12 years, and hook-handed Abu Hamza.

She did this while remaining a strong advocate of civil liberties, scrapping Labour’s plans for compulsory ID cards soon after taking office in 2010, and easing the tensions between the police and the black and ethnic communities by revising the stop and search rules.

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