Thought Police

wedding-cake-Mr. Phillips, a devout Christian cake shop owner in Colorado, was sued by a homosexual couple for refusing to make a wedding cake for their reception.  The homosexual couple was married in Massachusetts as homosexual marriage is illegal in Colorado, although Colorado does have a civil union law that provides no religious protections for businesses.

A disturbing ruling in the Colorado cake shop owner case, the Colorado’s Civil Rights Commission ordered Mr. Phillips to make cakes for same-sex partners and Mr. Phillips and his staff also must attend special sensitivity and anti-discriminatory training. He must report quarterly for two years on staff anti-discrimination training and any customers he refuses to serve.  The commission ruling upheld an administrative law judge’s finding in December.  This is America?  Not only must Mr. Phillips use his artistic talent to create cakes for same-sex couple weddings he must agree with it and attend special sensitivity and anti-discriminatory training to not only change his actions but to change his mind.

An issue of free speech and free association or question of discrimination?

This is not an issue of refusing to sell a mass produced product to a homosexual couple but creating a cake to celebrate a homosexual wedding; using his creative artistic talent to celebrate a homosexual wedding that is against his Christian beliefs.  From that perspective the case is clearly a matter of free speech and free association, not discrimination.  Mr. Phillips was not discriminating by refusing to serve someone because of their orientation, he simply did not want to create a product that he personally had moral issues in making, that violated his belief system.  Should a Jewish deli owner be forced by court ruling to make bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwich if ordered by a customer?  Should a Muslim caterer be forced by court ruling to serve ham if requested by a customer?

The court ruling forces Mr. Phillips to celebrate and embrace same-sex beliefs over his Christian beliefs and attending special sensitivity training is a form of mind control which is antithetical to everything America stands for.

Mr. Phillips has stopped taking orders for wedding cakes and is considering appealing the ruling. A cake shop that does not take wedding cake orders profit will drop.  It is reprehensible choices for Mr. Phillips support his family or violate his belief system.  This is America?

Online:  Christian baker bucks order for gay weddings: ‘I’m not going to make cakes’ for them

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