Venezuela’s Currency Is So Worthless, They’re Weighing It Instead Of Counting

Venezuela is a great example of socialism and what a failure it is.

Venezuela’s money is so worthless that shopkeepers have reportedly taken to weighing it instead of counting it out.

Venezuelans can’t fit enough money to buy goods into their wallets, so they stuff bundles of cash into bags that are weighed by shopkeepers.

Humberto Gonzalez, who runs a delicatessen in the country, uses the same scales to weigh cheese.

Venezuela’s inflation rate is at more than 808 percent, according to Forbes, and the country’s economic czar doesn’t even believe in inflation. Venezuela is essentially bankrupt and faces massive shortages of food and products. To make things even worse, the nation is widely regarded as one of the most corrupt countries on Earth and may have the world’s highest murder rate. DailyCaller


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