Venezuela’s Humanitarian Crisis

1 meal a day.  Children’s growth stunted.

Death rates are soaring as hospitals have chronic shortages of antibiotics, intravenous solutions, even food, reported the New York Times.


Last summer, the Daily Mail reported how rampant opossums had infested the Luiz Razetti Hospital, killing 17 newborns.

That was just the start of months of misery at the center, according to the New York Times.  In just one day, the newspaper’s reporters witnessed the deaths of seven babies since there were no oxygen tanks [a blackout], and doctors had to pump air into their lungs by hand.   Daily Mail

Socialism always fails.

President Nicolas Maduro has refused attempts to seek international or monetary support for the country’s healthcare system that he says would effectively ‘privatize’ healthcare.

The socialist leader, Hugo Chavez’s successor, claims such a move would have devastating impacts on the country.

And he even insists Venezuela’s healthcare is one of the best in the world: ‘I doubt that anywhere in the world, except in Cuba, there exists a better health system than this one,’ he said…

Like his late predecessor[Hugo Chavez], Maduro regularly accuses the US of spying and illegal intervention. Daily Mail

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