Excellent Advantages To Installing Timber Windows On Your Property In UK

Installing Timber Windows On Your Property In UK

The architecture in the United Kingdom is quite amazing and it is one of the reasons why many foreign tourists make their way to the United Kingdom. There are a vast number of Victorian properties scattered all around this great country of ours and many of them are protected buildings. For this reason, if you own one of these properties then you need to be careful when you are making changes to them. For example, if your building is listed, you must replace the current wooden windows with similar wooden frames.

Installing Timber Windows On Your Property In UK

You can’t just install UPVC windows into a property because you want to. These buildings are protected by the UK government and fines would be the result of not following the rules and you would be made to replace the windows anyway. If you have a more traditional period property then you can get affordable, quality timber windows in Barnsley, and timber windows offer a number of advantages over their more modern counterparts.

  1. Timber windows are now constructed from engineered timber which means that they are stronger and are more able to keep moisture out. Many layers of wood are laminated to make a real wood window that doesn’t warp or twist due to the wet and cold UK weather.
  2. Wood stain is applied to the finished window and this keeps moisture out and maintenance down to a minimum. These types of windows only need to be rubbed down and a single layer of paint applied every 8 years or so.

If you are looking for quality timber windows, be sure to call your local window supplier to see just what they have on offer.

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